• 1.1 - Our Goal - American Motorsport Simulations (AMS) was established in 2012 to build an Atmosphere of Like-Minded Sim Racers who work towards Camaraderie while Competing for Race Win & Championship Trophies. We strive to provide an entertaining and competitive environment while promoting clean, courteous and professional conduct on the track. All members are asked to maintain a (League-before-self) mentality and to conduct themselves in a way that not only reflects good behavior for the driver, but also represents the league in a positive light.

  • 1.2 - Driver Expectations – All members of AMS are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in any and all AMS sanctioned session. There shall be no reckless driving, driving backwards, intentional wrecking of yourself or another driver, dangerous driving or any other actions that negatively impact the experience of other drivers. Drivers should also refrain from profanity, racial slurs and negative comments about others and any other actions or words that may negatively affect others during all AMS gatherings.


  • 2.1 - Attendance Requirements - Drivers are expected to attend races and compete regularly. Drivers who miss 3 consecutive races in any series without notification will be deemed inactive and lose the right to their respective number. This is done to avoid numbers being locked up from new drivers being able to use them when they may show up to race every week and to keep our roster current. Drivers deemed inactive will be placed as AMS Fan Club Members in Discord and may re-apply at anytime with no guarantee to their previous number choice.

  • 2.2 - Black Flag Rule - If you receive a Black Flag you must serve it. AMS Admins/Race Control will only clear black flags due pit speeding to avoid a crash, passing under yellow due to a much slower, wrecked or damaged vehicle. Drivers who abuse this trust and it is found in post race review you will be subject to post race penalties.

  • 2.3 - Lucky Dog Rule – The first car one or more laps down when the caution comes out AND not involved in the incident that caused the caution will receive the Lucky Dog and will regain 1 lap back. A driver that receives the “Lucky Dog” may ONLY pass the field and gain their lap back when instructed by the on-screen prompt or AMS Admins/Race Control. Drivers receiving the lucky dog may pass the field and must do so CAREFULLY to the RIGHT of the pacing field. Incidents caused during this process will be reviewed and penalties will be assessed.

  • 2.4 - Pacing Laps - Drivers should take care during the initial pace laps and while under caution. Do not leave the racing surface unless pitting or adjusting running order as required by AMS Admins/Race Control or iRacing. Drivers are not to make contact with other drivers while pacing. When going from green flag racing to caution, the leader should notify the field when they are catching the pace car of the position of the pace car to prevent checkups. Drivers must pay close attention to their spotters and on-screen prompts while pacing to understand what position they should be in. Drivers should also take care to give space to the right between their car and the wall during caution laps to allow drivers who receive the “Lucky Dog” to pass safely. Drivers who conduct themselves inappropriately during this time may be penalized.

  • 2.5 - Pitting – The following conduct must be followed when pitting:

Entering Pit Road - Drivers are encouraged to signal in chat or text when they are pitting under green flag conditions while around other cars. This prevents unwanted accidents, confusion and frustration.

On Pit Road - While on pit road, drivers must stay to the outside-most lane of pit road as much as possible.

Drivers must do their best to maintain pit road speed and not hold others up. A driver may pass a slower vehicle not maintaining pit road speed.

Entering/Exiting Your Pit Stall - Please use as few pit stalls as possible when entering and exiting your pit stall. Drivers should always work together not hamper other drivers' ability to see their pit sign and stall.

Exiting Pit Road - Drivers must reenter the racing surface in a safe manner and without obstructing faster cars. Drivers getting up to speed must yield to faster cars on track.

Drivers who impede faster cars or cause incidents while pitting are subject to post race penalties.

  • 2.6 - Pitting Under Caution - When a Caution comes out all drivers that can maintain speed must do so until they catch the pacecar before pitting.
    Damaged/Involved vehicles are required to announce in iRacing if they are attempting to get to pit road under their own power.
    It is requested that if you are involved and have too much damage to be competitive that you just tow back to the pits to deter potential inaccuracies in scoring.
    ANY Driver who pits too early before catching the pacing field will receive an E.O.L. for the restart with NO EXCEPTIONS!
    This is detrimental to scoring accuracy and will no longer be tolerated.
    Any driver found to have led a lap as a result of this will be deducted such points post race and it will be noted in the weekly race report.

  • 2.7 - Session Restarts - in iRacing, there is no way to restart a race once it has started. We cannot stall, delay or restart the current race server. The only way to do a complete restart is to move to another server, which will be avoided at all costs. Drivers who cause problems before the start of the race will be removed from the server. AMS Admins/Race Control reserve the right to restart the race (shortened if needed) if it is determined to be in the best interest of the drivers, the event and the league.

  • 2.8 - Green/White/Checkered Finishes – The league utilizes the Green/White/Checkered option in iRacing. If a caution comes out and the race cannot be restarted within the scheduled distance of the race, the race will be extended to allow for one (1) attempt to end the race under green. If a caution comes out during the Green/White/Checkered, the race will end under caution and final finishing position will be determined at the time of caution. 

  • 2.9 - Starts and Restarts - Starts and Restarts are NOT to be used to gain a competitive advantage.

  1. Leader May Choose His Starting Lane - When iRacing signals that there is one lap until the restart, the leader of the race may decide whether to start on the inside or outside lane. At the start/finish line with the (1 TO GO) signal this decision must be made verbally clear to Race Control. Once this decision is made, it is FINAL. There will be no switching after the first choice.

  2. Maintain Pace Speed - All drivers should hold a steady speed at the track pace speed when approaching a start or restart. Drivers who roll up to a start or restart at a speed noticeably higher or lower than pace speed to gain an advantage will receive a points penalty post race if resulting in an incident.

  3. Accelerate On Green - Drivers will start and restart the race based on when the simulation displays the green flag. The drivers on the front row are to accelerate when the green lights appear on the screen. Drivers should hold a steady speed at the track pace speed when approaching a start or restart. Drivers who roll up to a start or restart at a speed noticeably higher or lower than pace speed to gain an advantage will be penalized.

  4. Maintain Lanes Until The Start/Finish Line - Drivers starting behind other cars are to remain in their lane and maintain their position in their lane until they cross the start/finish line unless avoiding contact from a checkup or crash. Drivers should never be 3 wide before the start/finish line unless avoiding contact with a slowing vehicle.

4.1 - Drivers shall not pass cars in their own pacing line on the left hand side before the start/finish line. Drivers attempting to improve their position by passing on the left-hand side before the start/finish line will be assessed a black flag Stop-and-Go penalty by iRacing Race Control and will not be cleared by AMS Race Control.

4.2 - The leader of the second pace line may NOT pass the leader of the first pace line (pole position) before the start/finish line. Doing so will result in a Black Flag Stop-and-Go Penalty by iRacing Race Control and will not be cleared by AMS Race Control.

4.3 - Drivers found in violation of the restart rules may be assessed various penalties depending on severity of the infraction, ability to relinquish advantage and any advantages the driver was found to have received from the infraction, including bu tnot limited to post race points penalties, warnings, lap penalties and up to disqualification for severe infractions.

  • 2.10 - Lapped / Damaged Cars - Lapped cars and damaged cars should yield to lead lap cars if off the pace. Every car on the track has the same right to race with any car for a position, although if you choose to do so while off the pace or in a way that endangers other cars, you may be penalized. It would be wise and appreciated by all if lapped cars yield the preferred line to the leaders. Damaged cars and slow cars are required to yield to faster cars in a safe and timely manner.

  • 2.11 - Bump-Drafting - Bump-Drafting is allowed, although strongly discouraged if you are uncomfortable with the practice. Excessive bump-drafting is considered reckless driving and the driver may be penalized. There is no rule preventing push-drafting. It is our stance that a rule should not be created to prevent a car from performing an action that is the result of the design of the car itself.

  • 2.12 - Warping / Bad Connection - If a car is observed "warping" or moving erratically due to a poor connection or connection issue, the driver will be notified of the issue. This should be a signal to the driver to avoid close-quarters racing and to yield when available to avoid further issues. If the issues continue, the driver may be asked to move to the rear of the field. If a driver neglects to yield his position, he may be disqualified to prevent further issues. Any issues that are observed during practice may also lead to AMS Admins/Race Control asking the driver to start from the rear of the field to prevent further issues and to ride out the issue until it improves.  AMS Admins/Race Control will do everything in their power to allow you to race, but we cannot allow drivers with bad connections to cause issues. Drivers are strongly encouraged to use practice sessions to sort out any possible issues. Drivers should also make sure there are no programs running in the background that could cause issues before entering the session. Drivers whom continue to have connection issues may be asked to not participate until they resolve the issue. If they return and it continues they may unfortunately be removed from the roster.

  • 2.13 - Drop Races - Each driver is allowed 2 drop races per 12 week season. Drop races will be assigned automatically to the first 2 races a drivers misses in a season or a drivers 2 worst finishes at seasons end. Only a drivers 10 best races count in a 12 week season.

  • 2.14 - Pre-Race Practice Expectations & Requirements - AMS Admins/Race Control reserve the right to ask drivers to start at the rear, start and park or skip the event if they feel that the driver is unprepared, unsafe, or needs more track time. No Burnouts, Donuts, Intentional Wrecking, Driving around the Infield, etc. during points paying events while people are trying to prepare for the event. We will assume this is a drivers only time available to prepare for the event so everyone will be respectful of that.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offense: Disqualification for the duration of practice + Not permitted to Qualify + Receive an EOL for the start of the race.

  • 2.15 - Cautions / Out of Control Drivers - We understand incidents will happen in any form of racing at anytime. But repeated at fault drivers disrupting the flow of the race is unacceptable. If a driver is determined to be at fault for causing 3 cautions in a single event the following process will be utilized to remedy the situation.

  • Disqualification from the event + an EOL to start their next event + 1 Race Probation for their next event. (If you are Disqualified all points earned will be forfeited for that event.) The goal is to get a driver to park their vehicle if they have reached this point and not continue to disrupt the flow of the race. Park and keep your points if you question your stability and security on the track any further.

  • A Driver causing even one yellow in their returning event will be disqualified and suspended for the following race.

  • When the driver returns, if they have another (Disqualification) event they will be removed from the roster in the best interest of competition.

  • Any Driver who repeatedly causes disruption to the flow of the race may be subject to removal from the race session and or roster at anytime throughout the season.

  • 2.16 - Talladega/Daytona Yellow Line Rule - There is NO PASSING below the yellow line at Superspeedways at any time for any reason. If a position is gained below the yellow line you must yield that position back to the person that is passed. If position is not yielded you will be given a Black Flag Stop-and-Go Penalty. If pass through penalty is not served you will be disqualified by iRacing Race control. If you choose to go below the yellow line to block it is not required of any driver to allow you a clear spot back on the racing surface. If you cause a wreck as a result of being stuck on the apron and coming back in to traffic you will be disqualified and penalized post race for reckless driving. If you go below the yellow line on the final lap coming to the start/finish line you will be scored last car on the lead lap for your finishing position, "Even if you hit the line first as the unofficial winner!"

  • Definition of "Passing Below The Yellow"  -  Left side tires completely left of the painted lines with there no longer being any contact between the tire and the yellow paint while passing another vehicle.

  • 2.17 - Incident Points - Drivers are expected to be prepared and in control as possible of their vehicle. Drivers with repeated incidents in a single race will be penalized as follows.

    • 12 Incident Points = Black Flag - Drive Through Penalty

    • 18 Incident Points = Black Flag - Drive Through Penalty

    • 22 Incident Points = Disqualification from the race. (Will receive earned points)

  • 2.18 - Victory Celebration - Only the Race Winner is permitted at the start/finish line to celebrate at the conclusion of the race with the only exception being the Season Champion at the season finale.​

  • 2.19 - Trophies and Money - The season champion will receive a custom championship trophy, iRacing credit or EFT. Each race winner will receive a trophy, iRacing credit or EFT after each race as well. Prizes and awards are contingent on funding being available. Prizes and awards may be withheld as a penalty to the driver if AMS Admins/Race Control determines actions by the driver warrant the move. Drivers may donate cash earnings back to the league as well if they wish.


  • 3.1 - Car Numbers – Assigned on a first come first served basis. Car numbers can be reserved or changed by notifying an AMS Admin. Drivers should check the members tab of this website or the iRacing league page to see what numbers are available. Any driver that does not reserve a car number will be assigned one by the league to prevent drivers who did not reserve a number taking car numbers from drivers who did so. Car numbers reset after a single season, however, current series drivers will have the opportunity to keep their number from a previous season before it is released and allowed to be used by others. Drivers who have not indicated that they wish to retain their number forfeit their right to the number and the number will be available for use by other members.

  • 3.2 - Custom Paint Schemes – No advertising for another league. No vulgarity (nudity, foul language, derogatory comments, racial slurs, drug related content, violent comments or pictures, etc.) will be permitted on any vehicle at any time in a AMS-sanctioned session. Drivers will be required to leave the session and take a drop week due to the inability to change paint schemes once signed in to the session.


  • 4.1 - iRacing Communication - AMS Admins/Race Control will use the iRacing voice chat as the primary line of communication for race control. Admins will pass information through this line of communication only. All drivers must have proper voice chat hardware (microphone, headphones and/or speakers) and must be able to prove that they can receive messages during the race. Drivers who cannot follow directions will be removed from the session.

  • 4.2 - Discord - AMS provides a Discord server for its members, however drivers are not required to use Discord during the race. Drivers are encouraged to use Discord as often as they wish. This can be good time to chat with other members or used while involved in other gaming/activities.

  • 4.3 - Chivalry, Its addictive - We are all human, we will make mistakes and those mistakes affect otthers. When we make mistake we should extend an apology to those affected. It is the respectable thing to do. Practice this in your race etiquette and you will be amazed at how far it will go in building a good atmosphere not only in our league races, but the iRacing community as well.

  • 4.4 - Race Detail Communication - AMS Admin/Race Control will send all drivers an email and post on Discord no later than 48 hours prior to the event. Email/Post will include race details for the upcoming event.


  • 5.1 - Penalty System - AMS Admins/Race Control will be as transparent and fair as possible when issuing a penalty/penalties. Below you will find our penalty progression system. It will serve as what to expect as a result of rule violations.  

Level 1 - (L1)

Warning + League Probation

Reckless Driving
Excessive Contact

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Avoidable Contact
Failure to Slow for an Accident
Excessive Chatting

     Driver will be warned that their actions will not be tolerated. A 3 week league probation period will start where the driver will be observed closely. Additional incidents will incur additional penalties.


(Drivers must have 3 weeks penalties free racing for probation to be lifted.)

Level 2 - (L2)

Point Reduction,
Position Adjustment, Lap Adjustment
+ League Probation

Any 2 L1 penalties in a single event
Receiving an additional L1 penalty after already receiving a L1 penalty

     A point deduction, lap count reduction or finishing position adjustment will be made according to the severity and result of a drivers actions. 3 week league probation will be restarted at this time.

Level 3 - (L3)

1 Race Suspension and/or Monetary Fine
+ League Probation

Any 3 L1 penalties in a single event
Receiving an additional L1 penalty after already receiving a L2 penalty
Severe infractions that warrant more severe penalties


     Driver will be suspended for the next series event in which the infraction happened. 3 week league probation will be restarted at their next race attended.

Level 4 - (L4)

1 Week Suspension and/or Monetary Fine + League Probation

Any 4 L1 penalties in a single event
Receiving an additional L1 penalty after already receiving a L3 penalty
Very severe infractions that warrant more severe penalties

     Driver will be suspended from all league events for 1 week. 3 week league probation will be restarted at their next race attended.

Level 5 - (L5)

Suspended Indefinitely

Receiving 5+ L1 penalties in a single event
Receiving an additional L1 penalty after already receiving a L4 penalty
Cheating, race manipulation or other extreme actions that warrant immediate removal from the league Driver will be suspended from all league functions indefinitely.


     AMS Admins/Race Control reserves the right to skip penalty levels at any time. All information on this chart is for driver reference only and may not reflect actual actions taken by the league.

     Rules violations stack during races and after a driver is placed on probation. This means if you received a L2 penalty in a previous race and the next race you receive a L1 penalty, this will automatically be escalated to a L3.

  • 5.2 - Probation - Probation is used to detour repeat incidents, to help clean up issues and to encourage a driver to improve or make changes to prevent future incidents. Drivers who receive penalties will be placed on probation for a minimum of 3 weeks. While on probation, a driver must watch his actions and avoid controversy. Additional penalties while on probation will cause the penalty level to be escalated to the next penalty level above the one currently occupied by a driver. For example, if a driver received a L1 penalty in a previous race and receives another L1 penalty in his next race, this penalty will be escalated to a L2 (or higher for multiple incidents) and so on. Once a driver finishes 3 races without receiving a penalty, the probation and lingering penalties will be lifted and the driver will return to the base level, no longer suffering from penalty level escalation as a result of prior penalties and infractions.

  • 5.3 - File a Protest - Drivers who feel that a driver took actions during a race that are in direct conflict with rules in this rulebook may file a Driver Protest by contacting the League Administrators. you will need to indicate the lap number, cars involved and what rules were broken. The incident will then be reviewed by the administrative team and if an infraction is found it will be announced in the iRacing messenger system to all drivers under the title "AMS Admins/Race Control Penalty Report".

  • 5.4 - Penalty Review - AMS Admins/Race Control attempt to look at every aspect and consider all situations possible before assessing a penalty. All decisions made by the AMS Administrators are in the interest of fairness, fun, and to provide drivers with the best simulation racing experience possible.

  • 5.5 - Driver Ejections - AMS Admins/Race Control reserve the right to disqualify or remove any driver at any time for any reason, including foul language, flaming, jumping restarts, reckless driving, connection issues, etc..

  • 5.6 - Penalty Discussion – Drivers may discuss penalties with an AMS Admins/Race Control AFTER the race if they wish. Penalty discussion during the race is not permitted. Drivers may also be asked to meet with AMS Admins/Race Control after the race to discuss issues during a race.

  • 5.7 - File an Appeal – If you feel that you were wrongfully penalized, you may file an appeal. Drivers who appeal a penalty must provide evidence to back their claim. An Outside Un-Biased Review Board will be established and presented with all evidence to be able review the incident, the penalty and the outcome. If the penalty is overturned or reduced, the driver will be notified and the adjustment will be made immediately. If the penalty stands, the driver will be notified and no adjustment will be made. Appeals are welcome and a great way to ensure that the league and drivers are all operating at optimum levels. Appeals are a great time to review processes and procedures for the league as well.

  • 5.8 - Video Replay – Race replays for all points paying events will be saved until the conclusion of the season. This is ensure accurate evidence in the event a driver files an appeal or complaint. Once the Champions Trophy is ordered and payed for nothing will be disputable and the replays will be deleted.


  • 6.1 - Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Members/Drivers are expected to conduct themselves professionally on and off the track. Drivers who cast a shadow on the league by their words or actions or affect the events in a negative way may receive an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.


  • 6.2 - Flaming - Flaming is defined as a hostile and/or insulting interaction between persons over the internet, often involving the use of profanity. Flaming other members of AMS is not permitted at any time. Violation of this rule can lead to varying penalties, suspensions, and/or indefinite removal. If you have a disagreement with another driver, we suggest that you take care of this in a professional manner and in a private setting. If you have an issue with a penalty or call by AMS Admins/Race Control, please contact us in private via Discord or Email after the race to discuss this.

  • 6.3 - Reckless Driving - If you are in violation of a rule or have put your car in a situation that could easily be avoided and cause an accident, you will be penalized for reckless driving. Reckless driving is defined as avoidable actions taken by a driver that puts another car in danger or risks causing a caution, causing 2 or more accidents in a single race, driving carelessly, hitting walls frequently, excessive blocking, becoming a hazard on the track, or continually placing yourself in a position to wreck yourself or others in a race. This will be a judgment call among AMS Admins/Race Control. 

  • 6.4 - Avoidable Contact - Drivers who make decisions and moves on track that result in contact with another car that are clearly avoidable may be penalized. This includes not braking properly, not slowing for an accident ahead or other non-intentional contact with cars that results from poor decisions or driving technique. 

  • 6.5 - Intentional Contact - Intentional contact will NOT be tolerated. AMS Admins/Race Control will determine the severity of the penalty based on previous actions, intention and result of the actions taken. Drivers should not take it upon themselves to show displeasure with other drivers on the track. If a driver causes issues on the track, it is best to let AMS Admins/Race Control deal with the issue rather than to intervene and risk receiving a penalty as well.

  • 6.6 - Intentional Cautions / Spins - Drivers found to have intentionally caused a caution or wreck another driver to improve their position or the position of another driver will be disqualified and suspended no less than 1 race.


AMS Admins reserve the right to modify any rules in this rule book and interpret them in the best interest of the

league, as well we reserve the right to make calls outside of the rule book in the best interest of the league at any time.

All rules are subject to change with written notice to all active drivers.